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When I built my house, I never thought of hiring a home inspector. Why would I? It was a brand new build. Home Inspectors are only used when you are buying an older/used home...right? Boy, was I wrong!

Home Inspections on New Construction

Recently I was able to connect with Craig Wagner from A Buyers Choice Home Inspections. According to Craig, many people believe that because the property is new, that there is no need for a home inspection. People assume because new construction properties are generally covered under a New Home Warranty program, that an inspection is not necessary.

"Buyers usually rely on new home warranty but many of the defected items are only covered for the first 12 to 24 months. If problems are not reported in time before the warranty expires they will not be addressed from the builder." Craig Wagner

New home buyers should enlist the services of a certified home inspector because they (homebuyers) are not professionally trained to point out home defects. The home buying process is one that is usually filled with excitement and with so much happening, important details can be missed. These critical errors can end up being costly in the end. A home inspector that you hire works on your behalf. Even in a brand new house, there will be issues that a home inspector can identify that may have been overlooked by a busy tradesperson.

If I would have hired a home inspector on my new build, I would have found that my air vents weren’t hooked up properly and that there was a hole in my roof that was not covered.

The Home Inspection Process

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical condition of a property and a home inspector is not authorized or able to go beyond what he/she can see. Home inspectors usually cannot tell if there are issues with a property unless there is physical damage resulting from it. Home inspectors don't tear the house apart, they can only inspect what is accessible to them. However professional home inspectors do have the right tools to make sure they see everything that can be seen!

While some home inspectors do not encourage it, In my conversation with Craig, he mentioned that it is in the home owner’s/buyer’s best interest to be present at a home inspection to ask questions and learn about the condition of the home. Now, Keep in mind, too many questions will only disrupt the process and limits the Inspector from getting to the task at hand.

Ongoing Home Inspections

Home inspections are not just completed when purchasing a home. In fact, it is a good idea to have one completed every few years or so. A home inspector may be able identify any areas of concern and should be able to give you a home maintenance program. In the long run, the cost of a home inspector is cheaper than an insurance claim and by hiring a professional to have a look at your property, if they find something, you could save yourself a huge headache.

If you live the in Edmonton area and are considering hiring a home inspector, don't hesitate to contact Craig Wagner, he is wonderful!

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