Canadian Mortgage Hangout May 16th 2013


The Canadian Mortgage Hangout is a weekly live Google+ hangout where we discuss issues within the mortgage brokerage industry in Canada. You can join us live every Thursday at 10am PST/1pm EST at or on twitter at #cmhTV. Without any further ado, I present to you the Canadian Mortgage Hangout...


  • Gord McCallum - "Different Camera Angle" @gordmccallum
  • Rob Campbell - "Tries so hard not to swear" @therobcampbell
  • Jackson Middleton - "Writing this in the 3rd person" @kiltedbroker
  • Scott Dawson - "Enjoys long walks on the beach" @sdd


Quite the heavy industry discussion today, topics include:

  • Should you fire clients? Is it appropriate, how do you know when its a good move?
  • Simon Sinek - Start with Why (click for a past blog entry)
  • Industry Conferences and why brokers attend
  • CMP Mortgage Summit
  • Building a business of scale - how the typical brokerage isn't set up for success
  • Scotia & TD potentially leaving the broker channel

If you have been on a previous episode of #cmhTV and have not received a Mug in the mail, let us know, we will remedy that asap!

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