First Foundation Wins Consumer Choice Awards


Financial Planner Puts Clients First, Wins Consumer Choice AwardsConsumer Choice Awards Financial Planner

​First Foundation is very pleased to announce that our firm has won the 2018 Consumer Choice Award in the category of Financial Planning.

Tyler Pfeiffer, CFP, said, "We work so hard to help families grow their wealth and protect what matters most to their families, that it's a tremendous honour to be recognized this way. It feels great to know that our hard work and dedication to our clients is appreciated."

Offering Unique Financial Planning Products and Services

"​First Foundation is unique in the way we approach financial planning in that we don't focus as much on the products that we have to offer, but rather, on the outcomes our clients want," said Gordon McCallum, President of the group of companies. "For example, we know that nobody really wants a mortgage, an investment, or an insurance policy...but what they do want is home ownership, the ability to grow their wealth over time, and the protection that they need for their family's well being."

"​It's this client-first philosophy that has been recognized by clients in Edmonton and across Alberta, and now, by the Consumer Choice Awards. We're very thankful for that recognition and most importantly, for the many clients that make it possible. Thank you so much!"

Fee- Based Financial Plans, Mortgages, and Multiple Lines of Insurance

​First Foundation offers many different financial planning products and services, including fee-based financial plans, mortgage broker services, home and auto insurance, as well as life / disability / critical illness insurance, travel insurance, and more. By increasing the number of products and services available under one roof, First Foundation is better able to serve its clients and ensure that they're able to reach their goals of home ownership, retirement security, and protection for their families. Many brokerages offer one of these lines of business, but only First Foundation offers its clients the ability to own, grow, and protect, which is an obvious factor in winning the Consumer Choice Awards.

Continued Growth in the Future Expected

​First Foundation expects to continue to grow in all three categories: Mortgage Brokerage, Financial Planning, and Insurance, and is soon expected to announce a major expansion in the Calgary area. McCallum said, "We hope to continue to grow, to serve our clients well, to help them to Own, Grow and Protect, and to help other financial planners, mortgage brokers, and insurance professionals to help their clients do the same."

President of First Foundation Residential Mortgages and First Foundation Insurance. Live in Edmonton but cheer for the Riders. I have lots of kids. Follow me on Twitter @gordmccallum

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