Sarah Mills Show | Money Saving Tips [Audio]


I had the privilege of being a guest on The Sarah Mills Show at Newstalk CJME talking about my family's 52 week money savings challenge. Thought I would share the audio file as later in the show Sarah took to the phones and had callers share their money savings tips! Great information all around!

Money Saving Tips

It's no secret that consumption is at an all time high and Canadian's don't like to practice restraint, however no one likes to talk about it either because they feel like they are alone! I know that is what Steph and I dealt with for some time. Why bother changing our lifestyle when we don't live that much differently than our friends?

However that has changed. We are on a journey to build discipline in our lives and could certainly use your help. Rather than accepting the fact that we are "just like everyone else" we are looking to be encouraged by those who have already walked this journey. So I ask you...

What are some ways you have changed your life to save money?

Let us know in the comments, as we are trying to figure out 52 unique ways we can save money, we can use all the help we can get.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we provide a full update of our progress so far!

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