Should Financial Literacy Be Taught in Schools?


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Podcast Summary

This week on the #becausemoney podcast we were joined by Kyle Prevost from Young and Thrifty for a discussion on financial literacy. Kyle is a teacher in Manitoba and firmly believes that financial literacy should be a mandatory course taught in schools. The conversation was very lively and covered a broad range of topics including:

  • Should financial literacy be taught in schools?
  • Is it the responsibility of parents to teach financial literacy
  • Who should write the curriculum
  • Should financial literacy be layered into curriculum or stand alone
  • How do you market financial literacy, can it be made cool?
  • Are teachers equipped to actually teach financial literacy?
  • The difference between financial math and financial literacy
  • Favorite financial tools and resources online

This episode got me really fired up, maybe it's because my family is currently undertaking a 52 week money challenge and this hits close to home! So consider me someone who is jumping on the financial literacy bandwagon, love it.

In response to the common criticism that high school students are stupid and that they just don't care about financial literacy and that it shouldn't be taught in schools, Kyle had this awesome quote!

Are you telling me there is more relevance for high school students to learn about the war of 1812 than to learn about how car payments work? Kyle Prevost

I will leave you with this final quote from Kyle...

Anyone in Canada can become rich, that is exciting and something we need to be teaching our kids... that is something we should be putting in a textbook! Kyle Prevost

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