Prize Indemnity Insurance

What is Prize Indemnity Insurance?

Running a promotion with a major prize giveaway is a great way to promote your business, but the problem is, most businesses don’t have the resources to actually cover the cost of a major prize like a million-dollar giveaway or a free car. That’s where prize indemnity insurance can help you. Businesses hosting tournaments or offering major giveaways use prize indemnity insurance to transfer the risk of a prize giveaway to an insurer rather than having to assume the risk themselves.

There are many different forms of prize indemnity insurance, the most common being Hole-in-One insurance.

Hole-In-One Insurance - This is the most common type of prize indemnity insurance. As the name implies, hole-in-one insurance is used specifically to cover hole-in-one prizes in golf tournaments.

Often, when businesses or charities host golf tournaments, they will partner with a sponsor such as a car company to offer a special prize, like a free car, to anyone who hits a hole in one on a particular hole or set of holes. Instead of requiring the car company to assume the cost of giving away a new vehicle, the tournament organizer will purchase hole-in-one insurance to transfer the risk of a hole-in-one, along with the associated cost of the free vehicle, to an insurance company. This allows the tournament organizers to attract major sponsors and advertise major prizes without the risk of a major payout.

Other Uses - In addition to golf tournaments, prize indemnity insurance can also be purchased for other sporting competitions to cover events such as baseball home runs, hockey blueline goals, basketball half-court shots, long-distance field goals in football, and other low probability events.

How Does Prize Indemnity Insurance Work?

Prize indemnity insurance is part of the contingency category of insurance; rather than setting up a contingency fund themselves when they host up a contest, a business or organization can purchase contest prize insurance, which transfers the responsibility for the contingency fund to the insurer.

The cost of prize indemnity insurance is calculated based on a number of variables, including the cost of the prize and the statistical odds of a contestant actually winning that prize. Other variables could include factors such as the skill level of contestants (in a sports or athletic event) and the number of contestants involved.

Do I Need Prize Indemnity Insurance?

If you’d like to increase the value of the prizes you can give away in any sort of competition, prize indemnity insurance can be a lifesaver for your organization. In addition to sporting events, prize indemnity insurance can be used for a variety of giveaways and competitions including:

  • Ticket draws
  • Weather promotions
  • Crack the code promotions
  • Scratch and win games
  • Casino-based promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • and more…

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019