What is Mortgage Brokering?

Definition of Mortgage Brokering

Mortgage brokering is the act of locating and securing a mortgage lender for a borrower and vice versa.

The person or company in the business of mortgage brokering is referred to as a mortgage broker. When a borrower seeks the services of a mortgage broker, the mortgage broker will seek out mortgage lenders to match the borrower with the best possible lender for their needs. A mortgage broker can also locate borrowers for a mortgage lender and is usually paid through commission.

Like a loan officer of a bank, a mortgage broker will assist a potential borrower in the preparation of a mortgage loan application, supporting documentation and explanation of the mortgage transaction. Unlike a loan officer, who normally works for a single lender, a mortgage broker is often independent free to seek out multiple lenders for a particular borrower. Also, unlike a loan officer, a mortgage broker is not an employee of the lender and does not loan money or directly provide mortgages.

Upon receiving a mortgage application and documentation from the borrower, the mortgage broker will then contact multiple lenders, including banks, to determine who has a mortgage product with the most favorable terms for the borrower.

Example of Mortgage Brokering

Mr. McGillicuddy meets with a loan officer at a Bank in order to obtain a mortgage loan. The loan officer will normally be limited to offering mortgages products offered by Bank X.

However when Mr. McGillicuddy meets with a Mortgage Broker in order to obtain a mortgage loan. The Mortgage Broker has the ability of offer mortgages products from numerous lenders.

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Regulation of a Mortgage Brokerage

In Canada, mortgage brokers are regulated by the provinces, with each having its own rules and regulations. Generally, brokers must be licensed, follow a code of ethics and complete a written examination. These regulations are intended to insure a certain level of competency and honesty within the industry. Some of the employees of the mortgage broker are licensed also, such as a Licensed Mortgage Broker. The largest association serving the mortgage broker industry is the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

Growing Popularity of Using a Mortgage Brokerage

Dealing directly with a single bank has been the tradition method of obtaining a mortgage for many years. However, recent findings of Maritz Research Canada has discovered that using a mortgage brokerage is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger borrowers. In 2013, 40% of mortgages involved mortgage brokers.

2013 CAAMP Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019