Calgary Mortgage Broker

A Calgary mortgage broker like First Foundation can help save you money when purchasing real estate. This is because a mortgage broker works for you, not for a financial institution. Unlike a bank employee, your broker has access to deals from many different lenders and can help you find the best fit for your financial situation.

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Calgary Mortgage Brokers Can Get You the Best Deal

Using a Calgary mortgage broker lets you to enjoy the freedom of choice that comes from having many different financial institutions working to earn your business. Not only do you get flexibility in choosing a financial institution, but First Foundation can help you arrange a repayment schedule that works for you: whether you prefer a fixed or variable rate mortgage, your broker will work to ensure you're enjoying the best deal in Calgary.

Even if you ultimately decide you'd like to maintain a relationship with your existing bank, a mortgage broker like First Foundation can still get you the best deal. Because they work with so many different lenders, Calgary mortgage brokers can usually negotiate a lower rate than you would get from talking directly to the lender, even when dealing with your own financial institution.

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Calgary Mortgage Brokers Work for You

First Foundation offers personalized service that is tailored to you. They act as the middleman between you and the financial institution that will hold your mortgage. Because they work with many different lenders, mortgage brokers in Calgary like First Foundation have the leverage to ensure you're getting the best rates possible.

There's no denying that house hunting can be stressful. For most people, a mortgage will be one of the biggest debts they'll ever take on, but a mortgage broker can help make the process easier. This is because First Foundation puts you, the client, first. Your broker will work with you to make sure that your mortgage fits your life and needs. First Foundation goes above and beyond to make your house-buying experience as smooth as possible; they'll help you to arrange your financials and coordinate between lawyers, realtors, appraisers and other professionals involved in the process, letting you focus on finding a home you love.

A Mortgage That Fits Your Life

If you're a first-time buyer or an experienced house hunter, First Foundation is right for you. First Foundation will work on your behalf to ensure you get a mortgage rate and repayment schedule that fits your situation. And if you should later decide you'd like to rework the terms, your Calgary mortgage broker can help you renegotiate with your financial institution, so that you're always secure in the knowledge that you're getting the best rates in town.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019