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You may have already heard from your friends, family and co-workers in Calgary that an insurance broker is the way to go to purchase insurance. Everyone's favourite reason to use a Calgary insurance broker is to save money on their insurance. But that's not the only reason to hire one.

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How an Insurance Broker Helps you Find the Right Insurance

Your insurance broker determines what you need for coverage, then shops a wide network of insurers to get you exactly what you're looking for on your terms. If you shop for insurance directly, you'll generally be given a retail package from the insurance company that will be a bit more expensive than a similar package from an insurance broker. A Calgary insurance broker can usually find you specific riders and features for your policy that you may not be able to find if you're just inquiring with one large insurance company.

First Foundation Insurance is paid directly by the insurance company with a commission or fee. The insurer does not employ them, you employ the broker as their client. Compensation rates from insurance companies to mortgage brokers are about the same industry-wide, meaning that your insurance broker isn't likely to sell you insurance from one company over another for personal gain. Your interests always come first.

Making a Claim: When You Really Want an Insurance Broker

Sure, it's great to save a little money on insurance, and for most people that's enough of a reason to choose an Alberta insurance broker like First Foundation. But one of the best reasons to have an insurance broker on your side is in the event of a claim. They'll help you fill out the paperwork, they'll know the proper channels to send it through within the insurance company, and they'll help you out with any questions you have about the claim.

If you're filling out claim paperwork on your own, it's easy to miss out on important details that insurance companies require in order to process a claim, which can delay the payout process. An insurance broker will always know what to do and what information you'll need to gather before submitting the claim.

We'll also review your policies with you on an annual basis to make sure that your current policies meet your ever-changing needs and you are always getting the best rates. With a Calgary insurance broker, you're safe from the "rate creep" that you'll typically experience if you purchase directly from an insurance company; they'll get you in at a low rate and then crank up your rates annually. With our watchful eyes on your policy rates, the only increases you'll see will be valid ones, not increases made simply to make more of a profit on your policy.

First Foundation Handles All Insurance

If you need any insurance at all for your home, your business, or your vehicles, we'll get you covered. Put our comprehensive experience with commercial, home, auto and life insurance lines to work by getting in touch with us today and letting us know what you need.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019