Calgary Insurance Quotes

Your insurance quote is based on a number of factors. One of the better advantages of going with an insurance quote from a Calgary insurance broker is that you will see lower rates than if you had just gone straight to an insurance company on your own. Before you get a quote, you'll need to assemble some information.

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Calgary Homeowners Insurance Quotes

If you are looking for a quote for your Calgary home, you'll need to know the value of your home, where your nearest fire hall is, how many years you've had home insurance for, and other more obvious criteria such as the primary heat source.

You'll also be asked what kind of coverage you'll need in your Calgary insurance quote. You'll be able to choose from Standard, Broad, and Comprehensive. Put in simple terms, Standard is "small", Broad is "medium" and Comprehensive is "large", with corresponding coverage and rate scales. One of our agents can tell you which one fits your situation best.

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Calgary Automobile Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance is a little simpler than home insurance for purposes of a quote. You'll need your previous insurer's name, how long you've been with them for, when you first got your licence, and your current Grid level according to the province of Alberta. If you've just moved to Calgary and aren't sure what a Grid level is, give us a shout and we'll walk you through your Calgary insurance quote.

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Commercial Calgary Insurance Quotes

For commercial quotes, First Foundation likes to get to know you and your business to determine which products you need. If you just need a quick quote on something straightforward like commercial vehicle or property insurance, we can do that for you too. But we'd like to be your insurance partner and take care of everything for you, just like we do for many small to mid-sized businesses in Calgary.

Why a Broker Gets You the Best Insurance Rates

Insurance brokers have a wide network of insurers they go to every time a customer requests a quote. We feed out your information to our insurers, and pick the best Calgary insurance quotes to present to you. Some insurers offer a better rate for insurance broker clients because they know that the insurance broker is shopping rates for you, and that's usually enough to lower the rate over one you would have received directly from the insurer.

If you use our online insurance quote tool and you think you have more information for the form than it has listed, call us to get a comprehensive quote from one of our helpful staff. Please do the same if you are looking for insurance on more than one item, since we can usually find package deals which bundle coverage together.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019