Top 10 Ways a Little Organization Saves You Time, Money & Your Sanity! [Summary]


I would just like to thank First Foundation for asking me to be a guest blogger. I've had a great time sharing Top 10 Ways a Little Organization Saves You Time, Money & Your Sanity!

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As a Trained Professional Organizer, I see so many ways a little organization can lift burdens and bring joy. Organization has helped my clients gain freedom from clutter and made everyday tasks faster and more enjoyable. If that sounds like what you need, check out the website at

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Let's highlight a key quote from each of our Top 10 posts:

#1: Be a Clutter Ninja! Ask the Right Questions!

The author asks, "Could I use this space for something else?" Now, we're starting to touch on the big picture of Organizing! You can ask a thousand questions, but you need to start with the right questions, so you can get your organizing project off to a great start.

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#2: How a Clean Desk Can Make You More Money!

Whenever you receive an item that requires an action - put that task on your work calendar. Then you can file the paper away to be pulled it out on the day you scheduled to work on that task.

#3: Stop Buying Duplicates! Organize Your Pantry Instead!

"Focus on making a home for everything." That way you avoid having duplicated all over the house. When everything has a home, you can easily see what is missing and what needs to go on the grocery list.

#4: Need an Assistant? Enlist Chore Charts!

"Try to have as many chore deadlines as possible be correlated with naturally occurring family rituals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, leaving for school, going to bed, etc. That way, it makes it easy for you and your child to remember when any one chore should be done. You want your family member’s to get into the habit of checking the chore chart before each naturally occurring transition."

"Make technology goodies like iPad or video game access contingent on certain chores being done. For example: no iPad till homework is done, dogs fed, and dishes put away." Dr. Thomas Brunner

#5: Owning Less Makes You Happier!

Graham Hill says American houses are 3 times bigger than 50 years ago, and the personal storage industry consumes 2.2 billion square feet of space! So with all this extra room, and all this extra stuff, are we happier? Mr. Hill says no! Happiness has flat lined over the last 50 years

#6: Stop Tripping on Toys, Get Them Cleaned Up in Record Time!

"Putting things in a container is a great way to give boundaries. Don't have more than can fit in the container! This also teaches your kids to prioritize"

#7: Don't Become a Meal Time Monster!

My binder is all about supper! The Beginning category is any recipe that has veggies that need to be used up quickly, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce or cucumbers. The Middle category has recipes that have more hardy veggies like carrots, broccoli, onion or potatoes. And the End Category has canned or frozen veggies.

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#8: Win the War on Incoming Papers!

I would add this step, make sure to use your calendar. Did you just sign a form for a swimming field trip? Better make a task to remind yourself to send the swim gear!

later is the best friend of clutter

#9: How to Run Out the Door AND Have Everything You Need!

LifeasMom suggests making up pre-packed adventure bags. What a great way to look like a hero and save the family outing! I would suggest this idea could be taken further than just adventure bags. What about a dance bag or a karate bag?

#10: Why Every Family NEEDS an Important Documents System!

I agree with Jen. Brainstorm all the important things you want to keep handy. This will be unique for each family, but think about what you would need in a crisis, like your house insurance policy number and contact info. Or what kind of information you need on a regular basis, such as your kids school work or your favourite take-out menus.

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