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Your Home - Your Greatest Asset and Your Biggest Risk

A home isn't just a house. It's where you live, where you make precious memories, and where you store mementos of your life. Home insurance is also the insurance policy you are most likely to need to make a claim against at some point in your life. For all of these reasons, you want to partner with an insurance broker like First Foundation for your Edmonton home insurance.

Use a Broker for Your Edmonton Home Insurance

An insurance broker can find you the right blend of affordability and flexibility in your homeowners insurance policy. With a wide range of insurance companies in our network to shop from, First Foundation Insurance can find you the policy you want at better rates and with more features than you would be able to get on your own. Think of First Foundation as your personal insurance assistant and let us do the work so you don't have to. A broker is a particularly good choice if you have special requirements for your policy, like a home business or a collection of valuables that require extra coverage.

Special Insurance Considerations for Edmonton

In Edmonton, you need to think about what effects extreme weather conditions can have on your home, such as burst water pipes and other potential situations that are unique to our city. We'll suggest the best home insurance policy for you that takes these and other local factors into account. First Foundation employees are Edmonton homeowners themselves, so they understand exactly what you need.

Home Insurance for Every Situation

First Foundation doesn't just offer traditional homeowners insurance. We also offer condominium insurance, which covers common areas, damage to your unit, and much more. We also offer contents or tenant insurance for renters who want to protect valuable possessions in the event of a break-in or damage. Liability is important insurance coverage for both renters and condo owners, since damage to adjoining units and accidents on the property can be covered under most policies.

With You Every Step of the Way

First Foundation's hands-on client service will step up to the plate if you have a question or a claim. We know you'll have lots of questions about your policy and we're the best starting point to get the answers out of your insurance company. If we don't know the answers, we'll spend the time on hold with your insurer so you don't have to. That's what we're here for. Want to know if a problem with your newly-built home or condo is covered under home insurance or your builder's warranty program? We can answer that, and any other questions you've got for us.

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Dealing with First Foundation is especially valuable if you have to make a claim. We'll help you fill out the necessary paperwork and streamline the whole process for you so it's as painless as possible. It's all part of the value-added service that an insurance broker offers, and First Foundation's personal service puts us ahead of the pack.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019