Edmonton Mortgage Renewal

Renew Your Mortgage and Save!

When it's time to get your Edmonton mortgage renewed, rather than renewing with your bank, come talk to us at First Foundation. Your mortgage renewal date should be a time for a fresh evaluation of your mortgage rates, terms and services. If you have a bank mortgage, it's likely the only time you can get out of a deal that isn't advantageous for you without paying a penalty.

First Foundation Can Get Better Rates at Renewal

As a licensed mortgage broker, First Foundation has access to a large pool of financial institutions that offer better rates and terms for your Edmonton mortgage than most banks do. We can save you thousands of dollars on your mortgage by switching your mortgage to one of these lenders when it comes up for renewal. There is no down side to going with a mortgage broker, only advantages like saving money and getting better customer service than you're used to. If we really can't beat your current bank rates, we'll tell you, but it's very likely that we can.

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Don't Believe Bank Scare Tactics

Typically, a bank will offer you great rates when you first sign up with your mortgage and rely on you renewing with them so they can raise your rates. As a result, they have tactics to keep you hooked. Your bank will tell you that if you go with someone else, you may have to pay legal costs and fees. Many lenders will waive fees for these items if you go with them, and if this is something you're looking for, we'll find you a lender that does it. Remember, your bank is interested in keeping you on the line as a customer paying their higher interest rates, and they'll say anything to keep you there.
The bank will also try to tell you that they'll match any rates you find. They're hoping that you don't have time to look at different lenders and just come back to them. Plus, the terms of a mortgage are just as important as the rates, and a mortgage broker can find you the best of both worlds.

We Can Also Refinance With your Mortgage Renewal

If you have enough equity built up in your home and are interested in consolidating all of your monthly payments into your mortgage, talk to First Foundation about mortgage refinancing when you come to us for your Edmonton mortgage renewal.
Renew your mortgage with a local Edmonton mortgage broker, like First Foundation. We can get you great rates and we are in your community rather than a faceless call centre.

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Last updated Feb 11, 2019