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Sandi Martin Profile PictureI'm Sandi Martin and I'm a fee only financial planner. After spending seven years as a personal banker with one of Canada's top five banks, I left my desk to start my own business, Spring Personal Finance.

Because I like tidy fiscal years, I opened the doors to assist clients with what I like to call "financial planning for real people" on January 1st, 2013.

It's too common to walk into a bank or financial planner looking for advice and come away with a new RRSP, debt consolidation loan, or mortgage refinance instead, and it happens because bankers work for the bank and are paid by the bank to make money for the bank. Bankers have targets and goals to reach, they are looking for an opportunity to sell you something, anything that will make upper management happy with their quarterly reports...and you shouldn't hold it against them because it's exactly what they're paid to do.

There's a better way to do personal finance.

If financial planning advice and coaching is what you're looking for, I believe you need a fee only financial planner - someone who sells nothing but practical, real-life advice. I work with my clients to develop a comprehensive financial plan that addresses every part of their finances, and moves them closer to the kind of life they want. But - as much as I love spreadsheets and income forecasting - it's not the plan that gets me excited. No, it's helping people understand how the plan works and how they can practically apply it to their life that makes me happy!

In short: I read a lot, don't write as much as I should, have fun hosting the #BecauseMoney Podcast, feel deeply privileged to work with my small group of clients and very blessed to be a wife and mother.

If you could use practical advice on your personal finances, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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